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People in India consider Sati, Sabitri, Durga, Lakshmi as Goddesses, where violence against women is increasing. The safety of women has been a concern for us.

Violence against women has increased manifold due to greater exposure of women in every sphere of life.

Women were previously confined to the four walls of the houses and after globalization, they have got opportunities to stand up in all areas equally. Women are now cab drivers and also CEOs of top companies.

It is a good sign that the patriarchal ideology of society has changed to some extent, but not to the extent it was supposed to.

This is the same mentality that prevents women from going out and restricts them to work at home.

It is the same mindset that considers men superior to women and always tries to dominate female folk.

For women in India, safety statistics are important. In 2011, the National Crime Records Bureau recorded 228,650 crimes against women, including murder, rape, kidnapping, and sexual assault.

In an international poll that year, India was ranked as the world’s fourth most dangerous country for women, behind only Afghanistan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Pakistan.

The treatment of women in public has been a frustration for generations, but in the case of Jyoti Singh, also known as Nirbhaya, something was broken.- one for women as part of women The desire to accept the threat was long overdue.

Nirbhaya means “fearless” in Hindi. She was a young medical student known in the world in 2012, who was gang-raped in a private bus by six drunken people who used to put a stick inside her after raping her and then threw her out of the bus. Used to give. She later died.

His adult killers were arrested, and he was convicted and then sentenced to death, executed on 20 March 2020. An unusual result in a country where only one in four rape cases is convicted (A teenager served three years and is now living by a different name).

The reaction of Indian society was more remarkable after Nirbhaya’s attack – the day women protested in the streets, “Freedom without any fear! “

Local and national agencies have poured money into the new women’s safety initiative. In 2013, the leadership then gave it a set of $ 145 million under the name Nirbhaya Fund to take measures to increase the safety of women.

The present government has promised nearly three times the amount to secure eight major cities including Delhi. In this zodiac, they will work to turn them into better light and possibly more compassionate places for women.

A variety of tools are being used by the male-dominated society to prove their domination over women.

Eve Teasing, Sexual Harassment, Rape, Domestic Violence Against Women, by doing so men consider themselves superior, which is very wrong. In this way, no man can become superior.

We have to understand these men It is a major cause of growth in India and women’s safety is a concern in India.

To improve the safety of women in India, improving the number of women in every sphere of society is the first task. Along with this, a change in the mindset of people is very important for the protection of women.

From family to educational institutions, men should be taught about respect for women. In addition, there should be a fast-track court to hear the cases and these cases should be investigated in a timely manner.

Only strict laws cannot solve the problem of women’s safety in India, but the implementation of these laws in a time-bound manner can solve the problem to a great extent.

WomenSafety App

The safety of women is always a matter of concern. Women can get the same only by removing this malevolent thinking and poor thinking. She too can become completely self-dependent.

But we cannot overcome puerile and inferior thinking. But there are some apps with the help of which women can feel safe.

Similarly, a youth from Gujarat Rajkot, Mr. Mayur Parmar, and his team have created an app (RAKSHAK APP) with shield secure Services. Which will contribute significantly to the safety of women.

Rakshak APP

This is one of their efforts so that women remain safe and in times of trouble, women do not think of themselves as lonely or weak.

The idea for this app emerged from the founders’ own bad experiences. Security concerns are not only for women but also for all mankind who are in danger.

I think it has tremendous potential as a business and for the protection of society in general.

According to the current social life, people have to face many problems like kidnapping, child trafficking, civil safety, state of terror, medical emergency, accidents, child safety, protection of old people, harassment, sexual exploitation, rape. Stop murder, theft, molestation, etc.

The founder of this app wants to protect more and more people from RAKSHAK APP.

Many women are not comfortable working in the industry sector, which enhanced their capabilities to develop India’s growth and also contributed to India’s development, as India needs more and more women to be involved in nation-building is. So, I thought of providing security tools in this app. Achieve your goal without any fear.

Rakshak App

Due to the fast life, many senior citizens are living alone or without any surveillance, where the RAKSHAK APP can provide protection to them.

RAKSHAK APP provides self-defense services and digital security through smartphones. This app also provides many features to make you feel safe.

In this modern age, elders or youngsters have become more comfortable to travel anywhere alone at any time and the probability of them being in an emergency or any trouble is high.

For example, you might need urgent medical attention, might be followed by some mobsters, or might get stuck anywhere.

And there might be situations when you want to call for help but couldn’t find anyone at that instant, which is exactly RAKSHAP APP can alert your friends for your rescue.

RAKSHAK APP Safety Solution

  • In our modern days, security becomes a highly demanding, but most ignorant issue. Especially for women. Famous countries like Syria, Somalia, India, Afghanistan are also known for violence on women. So many steps have already been taken, but the situation is not under control. For that, a variety of technologies come to market that is easy, quick and needy women can use it easily. In many Western countries, one in four women are sexually assaulted and one in five women are raped or attempted to rape. With this app, you are connected to an app in which you have stuck anywhere or when you need help or feel insecure, then press the help button in the app.
  • The SMS information system of the RAKSHAK app is very useful for the police department and they will easily detect the criminal and get activated immediately based on the SMS data.
  • 24 * 7 * 365 days security through the protector software.
  • Fold your smart-phone like a saving device.
  • Never walk alone, RAKSHAK always with you.

You can also download this app from the play store. Or you can download it by visiting their official website.

Download Link- RAKSHAK APP,

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