PUBG Mobile Update 0.17.0

Everyone knows PUBG Mobile by this name. It has been almost two years since Pubg hit on Android and iOS app stores and since then its developers have been giving countless updates to the game.

PUBG’s full-form players unknown’s battlegrounds. This game is known by its name as what type of game.

Initially, it was a Battle Royal game, but over time, PUBG is adding new features as well as new gameplay modes to keep the gameplay running.

It comes with new updates from time to time. The game received a new update on its second anniversary in 2020.

It is already available on the beta version, with a new update of PUBG Mobile titled 0.17.0. There is no new gameplay mode or map this time, but the team is sure to keep the gameplay exciting.

There is no downtime for this update. About 1.69 GB and 1.95 GB of space are required to store on iOS and Android.

Meanwhile, PUBG Mobile season 11 is coming to an end very soon, which means that regarding season 12, updates have started getting received.

We also know that refreshing Season 12 ingredients are beinglined up, which means a new Royal Pass and cosmetics to buy.

Another major change allegedly launched with the next PUBG mobile update is a rebuilt Erangel.

Erangel will see some notable changes and this is something that has been improving for Android and iOS platforms for some time.

If you are trying to do something exciting in PUBG Mobile, then you should check it out.


The DBS is a new double-barrel pump-action bullpup shotgun designed to do more damage in less time.

The weapon will currently be available in special boxes and airdrops and can use up to 6x holographic, red dot sight, and scope.

Good old UZIs can now also be equipped with red-dot or holographic vision, meaning that players can shoot with greater accuracy.

Extreme Cold Mode:

We talked about a new cold mode game and finally brought the 0.17.0 update. The name is a bit misleading because this mode will try to do everything for the players to survive.

Players must hunt food by killing animals or burning fire to survive. A cold wave will harm the player’s health and a timer will continue to show how long before the next wave arrives so that players can be sheltered.

Tactical Marker:

So far, you can use only one type of marker on the map, butthe update will let players use eight different types of markers. Players cannow mark enemies, positions, locations for the attack, and more.

Death Replay:

The Death Replay has been on the PC model for a long time and is now coming to the phone model.

The function will present the way the enemy has taken you.This will allow players to learn from their mistakes and avoid the same errornext time. Players can also use it to report hackers in the game.

New Erangel:

No, this is not a map of Erangel 2.0, but it will definitelybring some elements from the new Map. UAZ and Dacia will be updated while somelocations can be upgraded with better effects.

Season 12:

Season 12 will also come with the next update and will mark the second anniversary of a game. As usual, the ceremony will feature themed skins, clothing, and accessories.

Some mini-games are also expected to be part of the game where players can win prizes in the game.

PUBG Mobile Update History

PUBG mobile has received many updates. This sport is very popular among youth. Therefore, the developers of this game are leaving no stone unturned to make the game exciting.

The update for this game came on October 16, 2019, which was an update of 0.15.0. It was a thrill. In this, the PUBG team partnered with Resident Evil 2 to introduce Resident Till Dawn Mode.

Then the update of this game came on November 8, 2019, as 0.15.5.

One of the most thrilling and substantial additions to PUBG Mobile’s latest content is the map of the all-new team Deathmatch, known as Ruins.

The new map landscape features ancient Maya-looking ruins hidden among lush green rainforests. It looks like there will be a lot of nooks and cranes to hide on this map, so queue up the campers.

Players can immediately get their hands on a new high fire-rate SMG and a new damage resistant vehicle and a new vehicle engineered character is coming in the near future.

The game is also soon introducing a new companion system that will let players use the eagle to collect material on their behalf.

Then another update of this game came on December 11, 2019,as 0.16.0. It is wintertime in the Erangel, and that means it is time to hitthe slope! Being in the queue in classic mode provides the opportunity totrigger Snow Paradi, where players can drive a cable car and freestylesnowboard down the mountain per match.

“Within the game, PUBG MOBILE constantly updates the coverage and accuracy of every security component, adding more samples of software and code to provide daily feedback on new evolutions of cheating.

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