The best HP laptops provide a great balance between price and performance. Some of the top ones that have come out of HP to date have added the strength and reliability of Dell laptops to the design and robustness of the MacBook.

Best HP Laptops

And, while HP laptops have gained traction in the high-end sector, HP has offered plenty of options for every budget and requirement, along with the budget and mid-range market.

HP’s road to rebranding is some of the most amazing – not to mention, really powerful – laptops we’ve ever seen. In fact, it has done such a good job that many of the best HP laptops are still considered the best laptops that have been introduced in 2021.

This means that now is the best time to jump on the HP bandwagon and invest in one of the best HP laptops on the market. Lucky for you, we checked and reviewed a heck of a lot of HP laptops, and we got the best one yet.

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Here is the list of best HP laptops in India, you can buy today.

Top 8 Best HP Laptops In India 2021

HP Pavilion 15 Gaming Laptop

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The Gaming Laptop Pavilion 15 has a redesign compared to the use of HP on its second Pavilion laptop. While our review unit bears a certain resemblance to its predecessor, the Gaming Pavilion 15 features a matte, black plastic chassis.


HP calls this shade black, which contrasts with many green areas, including the keyboard. However, in our opinion, the most important design feature is the rear air outlet.

The HP Gaming Pavilion 15 handles all trendy video games with ease on a matte 15.6-inch 1080p display due to its highly effective hardware.

The device can use its 144 Hz refresh rate along with being relatively quiet. The 16 GB dual-channel DDR4 RAM keeps the system ticking, as does the 256 GB NVMe SSD.

Former Hewlett-Packard’s PC and printer elements HP Inc. have refreshed their Pavilion gaming range.

Laptops tend to sit below their OMEN line and should get better value for money, such as OMEN 15. However, the Gaming Pavilion 15 is a series reserved only for NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, RTX 20 with GeForce GTX 1660 Ti GPUs.

The Gaming Pavilion 15 has a good selection of ports, including a Type-C Gen 2 with four USB 3.2 ports, which also supports DisplayPort with a suitable adapter. In contrast, the three Type-A ports operate on the slightly older Gen 1 standard.

The device performs relatively well in system benchmarks such as PCMark. A look at the specs explains why, all combining with a hexa-core CPU, powerful GPU, dual-channel RAM, and Fast NVMe SSD to create a streamlined system. Our review unit finished second in the CUK Model Z at PCMark and scored 8% better than average for its class.


  • Stronger overall and graphics performance
  • Clever design
  • The perfect hardware package for casual gaming
  • The decision of operating temperature in a thin notebook factor
  • Crisp Audio via B&O Solutions


  • Dim display light
  • Slow transfer speed
  • Short battery life
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HP 15 Core i3 7th Gen Laptop

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HP 15q Core i3 7th Gen – (8 GB / 1 TB HDD / Windows 10 Home) 15q-bu039TU (15.6 in) is a stylish and powerful notebook laptop and is powered by quad-core and based on 2.4 GHz and game speed.


This 15.6-inch FHD display comes with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, so the picture quality is crisp and detailed. The screen size is large enough for rich gaming, surfing, and video viewing experience. On the memory front, the laptop is

Equipped with a 1 TB hard drive and 8 DDR4 RAM, which makes it possible to store a sufficient amount of data.

Get highly effective efficiency and seamless computing expertise in your regular basis duties.

Including immersive, full-screen 4K and 360-degree viewing with improved productiveness, easy streaming, and nice HD leisure.

Extend your performance with multi-task home windows, join your Xbox One in all-new methods, use a laptop computer as a monitor in your smartphone, and a stylus pen to sketch and draw. Digital ink, it allows for a faster, faster natural way.

Surf, stream, and a laptop with the power to do so with the latest processor and graphics options. Also, comprehensive quality testing ensures that you can get up and go.

A sleek and stylish design makes it easy to take this eye-catching laptop anywhere. With its beautifully brushed keyboard and color-matched hinge, the smartly designed HP 15 ″ laptop performs as well as it looks.


  • Great anti-glare performance
  • The keyboard is good
  • The camera is average
  • Multitasking performance is simply great
  • The voice is sharp and clear
  • The laptop is lightweight


  • Sometimes falls backward
  • SSD drives need to be upgraded to improve their performance
  • RAM and graphics need to be upgraded for gamers
  • It is good for moderate gaming
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Hp Envy x360 Ryzen Laptop

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The laptop experience is one-of-a-kind built-in and largely defined – the inevitable tension between portability and performance. Some people prefer the steady drunk marching notebook of Moore’s Law.


Others measure their proximity to the cutting edge by how much they can physically save on the form factor by closing corners with each iteration.

Some brands may actually avoid the seriousness of this equation, where one side inevitably steps on the toes of the other.

Keeping those dynamics in mind, the new, refreshed HP Envy X360 seems like a device that attaches itself strongly to the latter part of things.

It is a tool that ticks most of the right boxes but focuses on the results. If this is what you are looking for and want out of a portable PC, then this approach is likely to run right. However, if you are a sucker for portability, it is probably not suitable for all workers.

The original HP Envy X360 combines seventh and eighth-gen Intel CPUs with Nvidia-powered graphics. The refreshed model helps us run on AMD’s new Ryzen 5 2500U CPU with integrated VEGA 8 graphics.

Like the original Envy x360, this Ryzen mobile-rigged effort comes with a 15-inch FHD UWVA micro-edge WLED-backlit display and 16GB of memory.

Storage-wise, the Envy x360 is a great combo of 1TB HDD and 256GB SSD. Again, when it comes to ports, it is important to match the USB 3.0 slot, USB-Type C slot, headphone jack, HDMI out, and SD slot. All the usual suspects, indeed.

The convertible has a full 360-degree hinge, which allows it to be taken to a traditional laptop, tablet, or even ‘tent’ mode for entertainment experiences.

As always, the conflict between ergonomics and aesthetics on display works to produce interesting results. Ryzen 5 rigged the Envy x360 when it comes to Geekbench’s CPU tests Intel won’t make a big difference. However, when it comes to computing, it is a completely different story.


  • I / O options and keyboard are great
  • Value for money is outstanding
  • Metal par build on flagship devices
  • Performance-wise is good
  • The design is very good


  • Battery back up is much less than other models
  • Little loud runner
  • This land is not available on reserves
  • little heavy
  • Usability issues persist
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HP Pavilion x360 Laptop

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It is a premium laptop with the latest HP Pavilion X360 border with a strong processor, comfortable keyboard, bang, and a good pair of Oluf speakers.


This device would be one of the best laptops (at least one of the 2-in-1 laptops) if it were not for its short battery life and sluggish performance. Despite this, the Pavilion x360 is a decent machine for the price.

The Pavilion x360 is a Windows 10 Home convertible with 14 quad-core Core i5 CPUs, integrated graphics, 8 GB RAM, and 128 GB solid-state drives.

The 1080p touch screen responds definitely and correctly, though it will have sketchers or scribblers that do not include a pen or stylus.

The keyboard is on the shallow side but has a huge typing feel, and easily glides a wide, buttonless touchpad. A fingerprint reader automates Windows Hello sign-in.

The 14-inch display can pick up reflections from windows or light sources, but when you’re sitting in front of it, this effect isn’t very noticeable.

At 3.49 pounds, the Pavilion is no heavier than many 13.3-inch convertibles, although in tablet mode it is slightly smaller for grip in the midier rather than your lap.

The power button (which I accidentally pressed twice while inserting the SD card) connects to the left side of the system with a USB 3.1 Type-A port, audio jack, and security lock slot. Connectors for the USB 3.1 Type-A and Type-C ports, an HDMI port, an SD card slot, and an AC adapter are found to the right of HP.


  • The battery life of the X360 is very good. 8 hours of production time and up to a few days in standby
  • The front-facing camera is good
  • Great performance
  • Excellent design


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HP Pavilion 14 Laptop

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HP Pavilion 14 inch compact laptops are gaining a lot of popularity, it is a good laptop. The state-of-the-art 14 pavilions fall into this category and provide a perfect compromise between mobility and performance.


For this purpose, HP has equipped the device with power-saving processors from Intel’s Ice Lake generation. In particular, we get the Iris Plus Graphics G7 onboard with a quad-core Core i5-1035G1, while an NVIDIA GPU takes care of the graphics functions.

The GeForce MX250 is an entry-level chip designed by NVIDIA for casual gaming at low resolution and graphics levels.

HP has equipped the Pavilion 14 with 16 GB DDR4-3200 single-channel RAM and 1 TB M.2 PCIe SSD. The biggest attraction of the 14-inch device is its low weight.

At 1.55 kg, the Pavilion 14 can be moved around comfortably, while the 18mm at its thickest point makes the all-rounder more slender.

If you exclude nominal response times of 29.6 ms black-to-white and 60.8 ms gray-to-gray, Pavilion 14 performs well. Unlike its predecessor, which had a poorly lit panel, our current review unit can boast a pleasant bright display.

As mentioned, the Pavilion 14 is an all-rounder that, in addition to its graphics performance, can be considered a mid-range laptop.

This 14-inch device is compact and powerful for many uses. Due to its stylish design, it should be cut into good shape in any environment.

With its Ice Lake architecture, Intel has transformed its Whiskey Lake Generation into its power-saving processor anyway. The Core i5 -1035G1 built into the Pavilion 14 is a 10 nm chip capable of hyper-threading, meaning it can execute up to eight threads simultaneously.

The CPU also has an 8 MB L3 cache and has 15 W thermal design power (TDP). By comparison, Intel’s “classic” performance CPUs, like the Core i5, are 45 W TDPs.

The clock speed of the Core i5-1035G1 has a lot of scopes. While its 1.0 GHz peak is very respectable. According to Cinebench R15, the CPU can only fully utilize its turbo boost in single-core tasks.

In the context of a dedicated graphics card, HP has chosen the Pavilion 14 to be equipped with a low-end GPU to match its intended use as a mobile device.

NVIDIA bases the GeForce MX250 on its Pascal architecture, while also incorporating 384 shader units. It is the 8GB variant among competitors powered by the GeForce MX250.


  • Best in design
  • Best Performer
  • Comes with Microsoft Office Home & Student 2019
  • Graphics Card Ram Size 2GB


  • Front camera not so good
  • Battery performance is not so good
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HP Oman 15 Gaming Laptop

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HP refreshed the Oman 15 gaming laptop series this year with NVIDIA RTX graphics and 9th generation Intel processors, complementing a set of design tweaks. While the Omen 15 is not ultra-portable like the Asus Zeffius M Series, it is also not heavy.


We got to try HP Omen 15 (2020), this is the 9th gen laptop. The Intel Core i7 chipset is supported by NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Max-Q design graphics.

It is generally a very attractive gaming laptop with intelligent, powerful hardware. Which is quite ahead in technology.

With this, HP’s latest Omen 15 (2020) jumps right into our experience of using gaming laptops.

The HP Omen 15 (2020) is powered by Intel Core i7 (9th gen) processor with 8GB NVIDIA RTX 2070 Max-Q graphics, 16GB RAM and 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD storage. The price of this model is Rs 97,990, which is one of the cheapest laptops in India with RTX 2070.

Taking the Omen 15 out of the box, it feels strong and weighs a lot. The weight of this gaming laptop is 2.23 kg. It is well built, and a combination of plastic and aluminum is used for the chassis.

Gone is a dual-hinge design from last year and Oman 15 now uses a central hinge to attach the lid to the base. The lower corner of the top gets an angular-cut design, which gives the laptop a tactical approach.

The backside of the lid still features dual-tone textures. However, since last year it has replaced the carbon fiber finish with a matte finish, while the second half has a brushed finish.

This laptop from Oman features Tempest cooling technology, including a 12V fan module, three side vents, and 5-way airflow, intended to provide a good thermal solution when firing on all cylinders.

You will find more information about this in the display section on the next page.

The area around the RGB keyboard brushed the metal texture, while the trackpad gets a matte finish. The power button has a red accent, which is the symbolic color of the omen.

Overall, the HP Omen 15 is a well-designed gaming laptop, but the new version removes the old from clean elements like carbon fiber-finish, surrounded by red leading lines.

Again, this is what we expected, but the current crop is not bad. For once, it does not go all the way out to announce its gaming foundation except for the minor loophole, which is decent.


  • Highest Gaming Performance
  • Smooth gameplay
  • Carefully loud stereo speakers
  • Full-size keyboard
  • USB Type-C Charge


  • Very bad thermal performance
  • Average webcam
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HP Chromebook 14 Laptop

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The HP Chromebook 14 can change your mind if you are ever a bonafide Chromebook Skeptic. We get it – while Chrome OS, a straightforward operating system that focuses on getting you online quickly and easily, is a neat enough idea, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea at all.


Why live your digital life completely in a browser, after all, rely solely on web applications to get stuff

However, with its great features, the HP Chromebook 14 fits easily into your budget range. This is sufficient for checking your email and surfing the web. Also, its 14-inch display is bright and crisp and its trackpad and keyboard are superb.

The HP Chromebook 14 is far from perfect, but it is a solid all-around machine that can make you forget to leave something behind. It almost feels like the digital equivalent of living out of a suitcase. Sure, you do it when needed, but it is not right for long-term use.

HP’s Chromebook isn’t really a high-end PC, but it’s still a slim, streamlined piece of kit. The tapered enclosure measures 0.7 inches (about 18 mm) at its thickest point.

Its 1.7 kg weight makes it lighter to carry with you This extra weight gives you a slightly larger screen, though, and the Chromebook 14 doesn’t feel heavy at all.

The case itself is completely plastic, and it flexes and cracks as the screen adjusts or moves one-handed. On the bright side, there are no exposed screws in the case, so you don’t have to worry about loose screens popping out randomly.

The 1080p display and quad-core 1.83GHz Intel Celeron N2940 processor make this Chromebook 14 a high-end model.

Although it is not a technical powerhouse by modern standards, thanks to Chrome OS’s minimal bloat and quick performance, it almost makes no difference.

These specs usually compare to the Acer Chromebook 15, which has a 1.5 GHz dual-core Intel Celeron 3205U processor and 2 GB of memory.

It is more than a pound lighter than the Acer offering, though the Acer has a 15.6-inch screen. Acer also includes 32 GB of onboard storage compared to 16 GB on the HP Chromebook 14.


  • Long battery life
  • 1080p display
  • Attractive chassis
  • Comfortable keyboard


  • Below-average performance
  • Performance can be more vibrant
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HP 14s Core i5 10th Gen Laptop

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HP is currently an established and very popular brand in the Indian online market scenario. HP products are available at e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Snapdeal, TataCallic, Paytm, Flipkart, Toogood, ShopClues, Eliexpress.

HP-14s-core-i5-10th-gen laptop

It sells various items under the categories of products like laptop, printer, desktop, laptop pen drive, laptop charger, and adapter, laptop battery, desktop computer keyboard, desktop computer mouse, tablet, desktop computer monitor, etc.

HP 14S Core i5 10th gen thin and light laptop (14 inches, natural silver, 1.43 kg, with MS Office) is available in the market. Natural silver with multitasking and other colors is its main purpose.

It weighs 1.43 kg and is a light laptop. It has a 35.56 cm (14 in) screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. It features a full HD WLED backlit IPS Brightview micro-edge display for a clear and bright screen display.

HP 14s Core i5 10th Gen – (8 GB / 1 TB HDD / 256 GB SSD / Windows 10 Home) 14s slim and light laptop (14 inches, natural silver, 1.43 kg, with MS Office), an Intex core The 10210U variant is powered by the i5 processor.

It has a clock speed of 1.6 GHz, turbo boost up to 4.2 GHz, and 6 MB cache memory.

HP 14s Core i5 10th Gen Laptop supports various other features. Input devices include pointer devices: touchpad with multi-touch gestures, keyboard: full-size island-style keyboard.

For extensibility, the various connection USB ports provided are: 1 x USB 3.1 (1st Gen) Type C (data transfer only, 5 Gbps signaling rate), 2 x USB 3.1 (1st Gen) Type A (data transfer only), Mic-in rj45, HDMI port: 1 x HDMI port (v1.4), multi-card slot: 3-in-1 card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC).

The security features of the device are lock port: Kensington Mini security slot.


  • solid performance
  • Comfortable keyboard
  • 1080p display


  • Average-Average Battery Life
  • Riddles graphics
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HP Laptops FAQ

Which HP model laptop is the Best?

Hp is a very popular laptop brand in India. All of HP’s laptops are very efficient in their category. If you are looking for the best hp laptop, then you can choose the best laptop for you from here.

Here is the list of the best HP laptops.

Are HP laptops good?

Yes, hp laptops are excellent in their design and technology. HP regularly manufactures some of the best laptops in the world.

Where is the HP laptop serial number?

In most cases, the laptop’s serial number is found in a small portion of the cartoon. If you can’t find it on the carton, check the back of your laptop device. There should be a serial number on the back of your laptop.

How to install an HP laptop driver?

This document applies to HP computers with Windows.

If you are unable to run the .exe file when you are trying to download and install a driver from the HP support site, you can follow these instructions to manually install the driver.

Use the following steps to manually install the driver:

  • From the desktop, open File Explorer.
  • C: Open the drive.
  • Open the SwSetup folder.
  • Open the driver’s folder. It should be in the following format: spXXXXX.
  • Open the setup file, and then install the driver easily by following the on-screen instructions to install the driver.

Which HP laptop is best for gaming?

HP takes care of each of its users, HP maintains a good range of all types of laptops keeping in mind the needs of every category. HP has a gaming laptop for gaming lovers. HP keeps a good list of gaming lovers.

Here is the list of Best Hp gaming laptops:

These are the best HP gaming laptop.

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