Looking for a budget laptop? If you are thinking of getting a laptop and are confused about which are the best laptops, then check this list of the best laptop under 30000.

There are many laptops in the market that provide powerful performance at an affordable price of Rs 30000. You can easily do all your daily tasks.

When buying a budget laptop, you first have to keep your expectations in mind. Under 30000 you don’t get many options, but the models available give you the best performance.

We have prepared a review guide which is prepared by our team after visiting the marketplace and reviewing the satisfied customers.

You can buy the laptop listed here from the online store Amazon. So without wasting time, let’s see which are the best laptops under 30000 in India?

Best Laptop Under 50000

Are you looking for the best laptop under 50000? Your search ends here.

We have prepared a review guide of Best Laptops Under 50000 after much research. Which we have prepared after knowing the reviews of satisfied customers.

Are you in Hurry? Then Check Out Below!

Are you in a hurry and don’t have time to read the whole article? I have brought you the best laptop from the list of best laptops under 30000. Although all laptops are the best, this is the best of them all.

The HP 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD Laptop is a very good laptop. Which I am using myself. The performance of this laptop is very good. I haven’t had any problems with performance so far.

Top Pick
HP laptop under 30000

HP 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD Laptop

It is also very light in weight and a very thin laptop. The laptop comes with 4GB RAM and 1TB HDD storage which you can upgrade up to 8GB RAM as per your requirement.

Some important things before buying 30000 RS laptop

A budget of 30000 rupees is an ideal range in the Indian market. This price range is sufficient for middle-class users. Such as school and college students, office workers, or have an ideal budget for casual and recreational use of the home.

In this budget range, you get features like Microsoft Office, web browsing, video calls, Photoshop, Telly, Android Studio, and programming editor.

But, if you want to do high graphics games or any other graphics-related work like animation, high video editing, 3D design, etc. then you will have to upgrade your budget to Rs 40000. Because it is not possible to get high definition graphics card in the range of 30000.


RAM is an important part of a laptop or computer. RAM ensures the speed of your laptop. The more RAM you have, the more smoothly your laptop will work. But under 30000, you get only 4 GB of RAM in a laptop. So always keep an eye on expandable RAM. I suggest you have at least 8 GB of RAM.


Raizen 3D Gene> = Intel i3 10th Gene> AMD Athlon> 5th Gene Pentium Quad Core.

Ryzen 5 3D gen and Intel i5 10 or 8th gen (not possible in this price range), for this you will have to upgrade the budget up to 40000 rupees.

I do not recommend buying Intel i3 8th gen or Ryzen 3 & 5 2nd gen chipsets for now.

The Ryzen processor is the last option in this price range. If you want to buy a laptop for casual gaming and graphics-related work, Ryzen is the best option. Since dedicated Graphics cards are very rare at this price, Ryzen’s integrated Vega GPU is very powerful at playing high graphics games in low settings.

Performance, Battery, Connectivity

Before buying a laptop, it is also important to know about its performance, battery connectivity, etc. Don’t worry we’ll help you with this.


Under 30000 you get a 1 TB HDD drive-in laptop. HDD is now old technology. SSD drive technology is now available for high speeds. SSD drives are a bit expensive. But in this price range, you will find some laptops with SSD.

I would advise you to take SSD.

Top 5 Best laptop Under 30000 to Buy in India

HP 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD laptop

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The HP 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD laptop (AMD 3020e / 4GB / 1TB HDD) provides a 15-inch HD display for your everyday work with Windows 10 Home.

HP laptop under 30000

This laptop comes with AMD 3020e processor with a 4GB DDR4 SDRAM. Which provides a base clock speed of 1.2 GHz. You can upgrade it to 8 GB. In this, you get 1TB HDD storage.

It is a budget laptop designed for office employees, school college students, and light gaming you use.

As far as the graphics card is concerned, this notebook has an undefined AMD Radeon graphics card to manage graphical tasks.

From the user’s point of view, it is the best laptop under 30000. It comes with a 1-year domestic warranty.

Its design is very attractive which is quite slim and it weighs 1 kg 740 grams.


  • Very slim, lightweight, easy to carry in travel
  • Battery backup is great
  • This laptop boots in just 5 seconds
  • Clear and sharp sound performance
  • There is no heating or any other problem due to SSD


  • It is not advisable to work on more than one heavy software
  • Upgrading to 16 GB RAM is difficult
  • Its display slightly disappoints
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Dell Inspiron 3502 15.6″ HD Display Laptop

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The Dell Inspiron 3502 15.6 “HD display laptop (Pentium Silver N5030 / 4GB / 256GB SSD / Integrated Graphics) with Intel Pentium Silver N5030 processor offers a superior speed of 3.1 GHz.

best laptop under 30000

Its sleek and fine design gives it a premium look. Speaking of memory, it is available in the market with 4 GB RAM, which you can upgrade to 16 GB.

The Dell Inspiron 3502 is one of the best laptops for home, office, and students, providing great performance. People who have used or are using this laptop are quite happy.

Dell Inspiron 3502 has a 256 GB SSD storage capacity. A 15.6-inch HD display is available with Windows Home 10.

Intel UHD Graphics with shared graphics memory allows the necessary software and low graphics games to operate easily.

It is the best laptop under 30000 in India. Which weighs just 1 kg 700 grams. The 3 cell lithium battery makes this dell laptop a powerful machine.


  • The laptop is lightweight with a very powerful processor
  • The boot-up and shutdown time is 1-2 seconds due to SSD.
  • The laptop comes with 1 year Dell Basic Warranty, Genuine Windows 10
  • Battery life and performance is excellent


  • Camera disappoints
  • 4 GB RAM disappoints during multitasking
  • FHD display not found
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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6-inch HD Thin and Light Laptop

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Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6-inch HD Thin and Light Laptop is an affordable deal. It is a budget-friendly best performance laptop.

best lenovo laptop under 30000

This laptop from Lenovo offers a 2.8 GHz processor speed with an Intel Celeron N4020 processor. Its 15.6-inch HD display lets you do all your essential work.

Speaking of memory, in this range you get to see 4 GB RAM and get 256 GB SSD storage. Talking about its design, it is 1.99 cm thin and weighs 1.7 kg. You can easily carry this laptop on the go.

Get ready for a truly immersive experience with the Idiped Slim 3i. While gaming, stay on the edge of your seat or create an atmosphere for a date night, Dolby Audio is here for all your moods.

A 5-hour standby gives your laptop a new power. This Lenovo laptop with the best features is a great deal for your everyday work and students.


  • Battery backup is good
  • The laptop is light and thin, easy to carry
  • The sound quality is great
  • Laptop design gives a premium look


  • Can’t upgrade RAM
  • SSD storage is 256 GB
  • Lack of 4k video
  • This laptop comes without basic, MS Office
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Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen 3 15.6-inch Laptop

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The Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen 3 laptop comes with a 15.6-inch display. In this, you get a 2 GHz AMD Ryzen 3 processor which increases the performance of your laptop.

best laptop under 30000

This Acer laptop comes with Windows 10 Home Basic. In this, you get 1 TB of storage and 4 GB of DDR4 SDRAM. Talking about the resolution, it has a full HD (1920 X 1080) MP resolution.

This Axar laptop is a great laptop for school and college students and for working in the office. It fits easily into your budget.

You can easily run heavy software on a laptop and play your favorite games easily. A 5.5-hour standby of battery ensures that you keep doing the necessary tasks.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Excellent battery backup
  • AMD Ryzen 3 processor allows you to play your favorite game
  • In this, you get a full HD display


  • Sometimes it’s too slow to work
  • Very heavy software will not work
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HP Chromebook 14a-na0003TU 14-inch Thin & Light Touchscreen Laptop

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The HP Chromebook is a touchscreen laptop. In which you get HD + Touch Vibrant Display. This laptop works with Google Assistant.

best hp laptop under 30000

Work faster and better with the help of your Google Assistant. Just say “Hello Google” to manage your tasks, enjoy entertainment, get answers or control home appliances.

The processor of this laptop is very good. It has an Intel Celeron N4020 (1.1 GHz base frequency, 2.8 GHz burst frequency) processor. The Intel Core powerful processor gives you great performance.

The operating system of the Chromebook is powered by Chrome with automatic software updates. So that your laptop gets the latest protection from viruses.

The laptop has 4 GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM RAM. Talking about storage, it is only 64 GB, which you can upgrade to 256 GB. Apart from this, you also get 100 GB of Google Drive storage.

HP Chromebook 14 is the best laptop for your work, home, school, and everything.


  • Its design is very stylish
  • Perfect for a student
  • It is a touch screen laptop in the budget
  • It boots very fast
  • Control with Voice Assistant with Google Assistant
  • The laptop can work like android mobile


  • Storage capacity is low
  • You can’t rotate it 360 degrees
  • The camera quality is not good
  • Initially, it is a little hard to use
  • No LAN port is available
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Best Laptop Under 30000 Price List 2021

Best Laptop Under 30000Price
HP 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD Laptop23,990
Dell Inspiron 3502 15.6-Inch HD Display Laptop27,390
Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6-inch Thin & Light Laptop28,970
Acer Aspire 3 Ryzen 3 15.6-inch Laptop29,790
HP Chromebook 14-inch Thin & Light Touchscreen Laptop24,990

Editor Choice

Top Pick
HP laptop under 30000


  • Budget-friendly laptop
  • Ideal for student and office work
  • 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD
  • Windows 10 Home operating system

If you are looking for a budget laptop. So this 15 entry-level 15.6-inch HD laptop from HP is one of the best laptops out there. It fits perfectly in your budget and you can easily do the work you need on it.
In this, you get 4 GB RAM and 1 TB HDD storage. This laptop is perfect for student and office work

Our Verdict

I would recommend you to buy this laptop. This HP laptop is the best among all the laptops given here. This laptop comes with an HP brand warranty. The performance of the laptop is excellent. I myself am using this laptop and I am very happy with its performance

Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best laptop between 25000 to 30000?

Between 25000 and 30000 you don’t get many options. But still some of the best laptops that fall in this range, you can see them here.

In this range, you get 4 GB RAM which you can upgrade. You cannot use heavy software nor play heavy graphic games in this category.

  • HP chromebook 14-inch Thin & Light Touchscreen Laptop – 24,990
  • Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3 Intel Celeron N4020 15.6 Inch Thin & Light Laptop – 28,970
  • HP 15 Intel Pentium Gold 6405U Processor Entry Level Laptop – 26,599
  • Dell Inspiron 3502 15.6 Inch HD Display Laptop – 27,390
  • Lenovo Ideapad S145 AMD Ryzen 3 3200U 15.6 Inch Full HD Thin & Light Laptop – 27,990

What is the best laptop under 35000?

Some of the best laptops under 35000 are given below:

  • HP 15 (2021) Thin & Ligth Ryzen 3-3250 Laptop – 34,094
  • Dell Inspiron 3505 15.6 Inch HD Anti Glare Display Laptop – 31,990
  • ASUS VivoBook 15 (2020) Intel Core i3-1005G1 10th Gen 15.6 inch FHD Thin & Light Laptop – 32,966
  • Acer Aspire 3 Intel Core i3-10th Gen 15.6 inch Thin & Light Laptop – 33,490
  • Lenovo Ideapad Slim 3 10th Gen Intel Core i3 15.6 Inch FHD Thin & Light Laptop – 34,990

Which is the best dell laptop under 30000?

Under 30000, Dell brand laptops do not get much choice. There are only a few options in this range.

You can see below.

  • Dell Inspiron 3502 15.6 inch HD Display Laptop – 27,390
  • Dell Vostro 3405 14-inch HD AG Display Laptop – 28,990

Which is the best hp laptop under 30000?

  • HP 15 Intel Pentium Gold 6405U Processor Entry Level Laptop – 26,599
  • HP Notebook PC 247 G7 14-inch Laptop – 24,490
  • HP 245 G7 Laptop – 27,063
  • HP 15 AMD Athlon 15.6-inch HD Laptop – 26,790
  • HP ChromeBook 14-inch Thin & Light Touchscreen Laptop – 28,589

Is HP better than Dell?

There are many good brands of laptops available in the market. Dell and HP are one of them. Both brands are available in the market with excellent performance and technology.

Both brands excel in terms of working in the office. However, we have made comparisons between the two based on a few points.

The HP laptop is also available in a slightly cheaper range.Dell laptops are a bit expensive
HP laptop is more preferred for office workDell is used for gaming purpose
HP laptops are thin and lightweightDell laptops are a bit heavy

In final words, HP is better than Dell. Because HP is designed for all users and Work.

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