Are you looking for the Best CCTV Camera in India?

Are you concerned about the safety of your home, office, and shop? By the way, having a safe house is the first priority in the modern era. With the advancement in technology, it can be considered much better.

I understand what you are seeing on the web. Therefore, I have listed the best CCTV camera in India with better security and understanding of your home, office, and shop.

Gone are the times when dogs were kept indoors for house safety. In this modern time, it is now necessary to have a CCTV camera at home.

You also do not have to worry that it will increase your expenses. You can take it as a big investment in CCTV Camera in your life for a better tomorrow.

Here you can find the Best CCTV camera for home, Best CCTV camera for office, Best CCTV camera for the shop.

Before getting started, we discuss the various type of Best CCTV cameras in India.

Types of CCTV Camera

There are many types of CCTV cameras available in India. Which will help you decide what would be the best option for your home? Let’s take a look at those types.

Bullet Camera

The bullet camera is a type of security camera. Which are elongated and cylindrical in shape and ideal for outdoor use. These cameras can be easily mounted on the wall and ceiling.

Their strength lies especially in applications that require long-range viewing. They are installed inside a protective cover to protect them from dust, dirt and other natural substances. It captures high-quality images.

Dome Camera

It is a dome-shaped camera that is used for indoor and outdoor security. It is commonly used for surveillance systems inside homes, casinos, banks, etc.

It can be easily installed on the roof. Such cameras are very useful as you can never know in which direction they are looking and thus it is capable of preventing any kind of theft.

C-mount camera

C-mount cameras allow simple lens changes to fit various applications. C-mount cameras can cover a distance of more than 40 feet using special lenses, while standard CCTV lenses can only cover distances of 35–40 feet.

Day/Night Camera

It is capable of working in both normal and poor environments. These cameras do not require inbuilt infrared illuminators, as they have the ability to capture clear video images in dark video thanks to their additional mobile imaging chip.

For this reason, these cameras are ideal for outdoor surveillance applications, in which even IR cameras are unable to function optimally.

PTZ Camera

Pan tilt zoom cameras or PTZ cameras are specialized cameras for a large range motion surveillance system.

PTZ – Pan / Tilt / Zoom – Cameras allow the camera to move left or right (panning), up and down (tilt), and even allow the lens to zoom closer or farther.

It can also be used to record or zoom in / out in special scenarios like malls, banks, etc., where security is controlled by special forces or guards.

What Type of CCTV Camera Should We Buy?

It is very important to ensure that you have chosen the right CCTV cameras, as these cameras are prioritized based on their usage. You need to find a camera that meets your needs.

Whether you are thinking of installing CCTV cameras outside the property to catch criminal activity or are looking for a camera to monitor the house or company. There is something for everyone here.

Some factors need to be considered

If you want to know what type of CCTV camera should I buy? Then you are in the right place because things are covered here by the expert. Which will give you the best CCTV cameras here? But there are some factors to consider –

Correct Lens

A correct lens will ensure that you get a quality image. If you select the right camera lens, your camera will be able to focus correctly and bring enough light to the sensor on the camera, which will help you read and identify the registration plate.

This will definitely help you in all situations, as it means that you will be able to see exactly what is happening and get a clear recording. A zoom lens can provide more information to customers as optical zoom can adjust the light as it reaches the sensor, enabling flexibility and enhanced images.

Correct sensor

There are two things to focus on finding the right sensor: type and size. Here are:

•             CMOS (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

•             CCD (Charge Couple Device) Camera

CCDs are more expensive than CMOS and they produce a clearer image, ideal for identifying faces and registration plates.

The correct output resolution

The more pixels, the better the picture. The highest resolution you can get is 700TVL, but many mainstream camera resolutions range between 300-550TVL.

It is important to match a resolution that your camera can produce, and anything completely unnecessary.

Here is the list of Best CCTV Camera in India 2021

Top 10 Best CCTV Camera(Security Camera) in India 2021

Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart CCTV Camera

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Mi security cameras come with an incredible design. It can cover everything up to 360 degrees. 360 ° degree vision means complete home preservation. This is the Best CCTV camera in India for Home.

Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart CCTV Camera

Its dual motor-head design is capable of rotating and holding the camera up to a full 360 ° horizontal view as well as up to a 96 ° vertical view. The camera’s shockproof design and quiet motor allow rotation to keep it smooth and silent.

The Mi camera comes with 360 ° perfect picture quality. Mi Camera’s 20 megapixels, 1080p resolution, and broad dynamic selection show the remote background clear and wide.

Its all-new low-light real col r technology allows you to view a full-color palette in the next hours of the afternoon, regardless of infrared light, which could only supply a black-and-white picture. You get a new and improved night vision in it.

The F2.1 aperture allows more moderate consumption, whereas the 8-bulb 940nm infrared lighting increases visibility. Now it is easy to see in the dark.

Advanced video encoding technology allows you smooth streaming and reduces bandwidth without compromising on expansion.

The H.265 encoding is capable of keeping the same pixel count and bit rate using half the storage of the H.264 encoding.

Throughout the integration of comprehensive studying technology And focused optimization of algorithms and community software, the camera will be able To correctly determine when and how to point you to your mobile phone.

This camera comes with a talkback feature so that you can always talk to your family using the camera.

You can store videos easily. It supports Network Attached Storage (NAS). Routers with network devices or storage capabilities can be used to store files that are backed up from an SD card to a NAS storage device.


  • Night mode recording
  • Camera clarity
  • Multiple users can watch camera recordings at the same time
  • Two-way communication
  • 1080p HD recording


  • Motion detection ring sound has to be included in the app
  • You need to keep the camera connected to the power source for 24hours – the charging option will be helpful here
  • The application sometimes sends proposal alerts after a delay of (approximately) 30 minutes
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Hikvision DS-2CE5AD0T-IRP 3.6mm 1080P HD Indoor Night Vision Dome CCTV Camera

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Hikvision is a well-known name. This Hikvision camera comes with very good features. This is the Turbo HD Indoor Night Vision Dome Camera.

Hikvision DS-2CE5AD0T-IRP 3.6mm 1080P HD Indoor Night Vision Dome CCTV Camera

In this, you get a 2-megapixel camera with a high-performance CMOS image sensor. Hikvision presents the best CCTV camera in India.

Indoor Night Vision Dome Camera by Hikvision is the best security partner for your home. It has active complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) pixel sensors.

Shutter time ranges from 1/25 (1/30) to 1 / 50,000 which is quite fast. It has a 3.6 mm lens. It is also equipped with infrared night vision.

In this, you get 1080p high definition camera quality. This gives you great picture quality. This video mode is characterized by 1080 horizontal lines of vertical resolution.

Its dome-like shape can easily pan from 0 degrees to 360 degrees. The specialty of this security camera is that you can tilt it from 0 degrees to 75 degrees and it can rotate up to 360 degrees easily.

This camera has active infrared night-vision. It combines infrared illumination of the spectrum at night time. As a result, the scene appears as a monochrome image on a common display device.

The question is always how much power the device consumes. So let me tell you that the power consumption of this dome camera is absolutely low.

It only consumes a maximum of 4W, which means that this camera will not increase your power bill.

Its shutter time allows you to take all kinds of fast-moving pictures very easily. The digital sensor inside the camera is exposed to light during shutter speed or exposure time.

The shutter time of this dome camera is from 1/25 (1/30) to 1/50,000. It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • It is durable
  • long-lasting
  • Discreet
  • Birds are not prone to nesting


  • More difficult installation
  • Low installation options
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Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor CCTV Camera

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Sricam CCTV Camera is one of the best brands in the Indian market. This camera is easy to install and easy to use. You can easily install it on a flat surface, wall, and ceiling.

Sricam SP Series SP005 Wireless HD IP Wi-Fi CCTV Indoor CCTV Camera

Now you can view your children, elderly parents, or pets on your smartphone or tablet from anywhere and anytime with the help of Sricam WiFi Security Camera. Just download the app on your mobile device and watch it within 5 minutes.

Easy setup and remote view anywhere anytime. Its one-key WiFi configuration helps simplify setup. You can quickly set it to WiFi within 5 minutes of using mobile devices.

And when you’re away from home, you can watch live video from your iPhone, Android mobile or tablet.

The camera’s HD resolution 720p high quality helps you see the goals clearly, and it offers a 355-degree horizontal pan and 90-degree tilt that allows you to see any corner of the room clearly.

This camera has a microphone and speaker, from which you can listen to audio messages from any corner of the world.

Its powerful embedded speaker allows you to talk to the logo through the camera. It keeps you connected to your family every moment.

Micro SD cards up to 128GB can be used to record audio and video in this camera.

You can view the recorded video of the SD card in the app’s playback option or PC and even download the video to the PC from anywhere in the world without removing the SD card from the camera.

SriCam CCTV camera has a special feature that captures moving objects and instantly alerts you via emergency email.

When it identifies a moving object in the frame. The email message includes a captured image of the object for you so that you can identify what it is.

This camera can work with a 2.4Ghz WiFi router, Wifi dongle (Jio, Airtel, etc.) but not with 5.0Ghz. If you have a dual-band router, enable the 2.4Ghz signal.


  • Installation is very easy
  • Picture quality is good
  • Easily can turn the camera image view to different directions from the phone
  • Night vision is also good though all lights are turned off
  • While watching video on phone, can take snapshots
  • Can talk from mobile and hear back the sound from the camera


  • I didn’t find an option to mute the camera because there is some beep sounds when locked/unlocked camera
  • While watching video recording option is there but the video doesn’t store anywhere
  • No way to store recoding in cloud
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CP Plus 360° 1080P 2MP Ezykam WiFi CCTV Camera

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CP Plus is one of the most preferred security brands in the world. It is easily available online and offline stores. CP PLUS Ezykasm is a high-definition plug and plays a Wi-Fi camera.

CP Plus 360° 1080P 2MP Ezykam WiFi CCTV Camera

It can cover everything up to 360 degrees. This saves you the cost and hassle of installing multiple cameras at different angles to see in one place.

It connects easily to your local WiFi. With its remote access control, you can view live footage of your camera from anywhere.

Users can access their home/office access footage from anywhere around the world on their mobile/smartphone app, called EGCOM +. Android users can download it from “Playstore” and iPhone users from “App Store”.

When armed, the inbuilt motion alarm in EzyKam immediately notifies you on your smartphone in case of intrusion into a restricted area.

With the help of CP PLUS EZYKAM, you can see your loved ones from anywhere and can always be connected to them.

It has a 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor HD cloud camera. Which captures images of very good quality. In this, you can put up to 128 GB SD cards.


  • Was a breeze to set it up
  • The night mode of the camera is really nice
  • The app is decent


  • The con so far is that I am unable to figure out how to get a clip of the video or a picture when the camera sends me motion detected warning. Ideally, it should also be able to send a snap or clip of that time.
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Safe, smart, easy, this is the feature of tp-link CCTV camera. TP-Link CCTV is perfect in its work. It is a very popular brand in India.

TP-Link Smart Cam Pan Tilt Home WiFi CCTV Camera

Choose the one that can strengthen the security system right for you. This ensures the safety of your home. You can easily install it on the wall, flat surface and ceiling.

You can easily configure it with the Soft AP app. All you have to do is download the Tapo Camera app, then turn on the TP-Link Camera and follow the app’s guide.

It detects the motion of the moving object and sends you an instant alert. Its privacy mode and secure local storage ensure your privacy.

It can record everything up to 360 degrees. Its high definition mode provides you with excellent picture quality with a resolution of 1080p.

Its advanced night view mode provides a visual distance of up to 30 feet of the camera at night.

When you are away from home, there are always people and things that you will worry about. Cameras help them stay with them anytime, anywhere.

If your little boy is working in the kitchen to make lunch, or your fur baby is messing up inside the kitchen, get a notification

You can always easily connect with your family from anywhere, anytime. It has a two-way audio mode.

In which you can communicate with others with the help of a built-in microphone and speaker.


  • It is one of the best cameras in this budget. It offers 360 ‘degree tilt from left to right and vice versa, up and down view is also available
  • Automatically connect to last WiFi when power is off and used again
  • When the power goes off and automatically starts recording on the SD card
  • Motion detection is good. Receive in-app notifications
  • When you do not want to use the cam, you can use private mode to turn off the video
  • The app is nice and responsive


  • Cloud storage is not available
  • TP-Link does not specify customer care for wifi camera
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Sricam WiFi SP007 2MP 1080p Waterproof CCTV Camera

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This is the best feature CCTV camera of Sricam. Sricam is a professional in IP cameras, security monitoring, and security-focused solutions for smart homes and businesses. This the Best CCTV camera for home & shop.

Sricam WiFi SP007 2MP 1080p Waterproof CCTV Camera

Sricam is a manufacturer of Wireless IP Camera, Infrared Waterproof Camera, PTZ IP Camera, Gun-Type IP Camera, IP Dome Camera, High Definition Network Camera, Wireless Video Camera.

This camera is waterproof. It can be used outdoors and in all weather conditions. In this, you get a high performance image sensor of 1 MP.

Which works at 720p HD 30fps. It is an ideal stream setup that provides quality footage in H.264 format.

The IR cut features the footage as a clear like a day even in dark environments. It can see up to 15 meters.

The camera can capture the moving object at a speed and it can send you an emergency alert via email.

Sricam allows you to use up to 128 GB SD card for video and audio storage. Which can be easily installed on the device.

The former is provided with loop recording when storage is complete.

The camera can be easily connected to any network via WiFi. When connected to the Internet, you can use it from any corner of the world.

Built in WiFi technology supports the highest 2.4Ghz access point.

If you have an Android phone or iPhone, you can download the app for mobile monitoring. You can use this app to switch through various scenes including a panoramic scene and recording mode.


  • Compact, strong as well as stylish build
  • SD card (up to 128 GB) slot available for storage
  • Simple setup process makes installation a breeze through
  • Weatherproof camera
  • Great video quality
  • Powerful IR sensor helps to record clear video in dark surroundings
  • Loop recording is available on SD card


  • A single account cannot handle multiple users
  • Cloud storage option is not provided with this camera software
  • Wi-Fi connectivity can be provided in mobile app and PC CMS software along with recording operation
  • The position of the SD card slot may be more user friendly
  • Rotating base mount is made of plastic to fix the camera
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This D-Link HD Wi-Fi camera is a compact wireless network camera that works easily in day and night time environments. It comes with very good features.

D-Link Wi-Fi Home CCTV Camera

The D-Link Wi-Fi camera, with built-in night vision, motion, and sound detection, instantly alerts you when something unexpected happens.

Its design is quite compact. So that it can fit in your home decoration. You can easily install it with the free my d-link app and Bluetooth 4.0.

Its alert system instantly alerts you to your smartphone or tablet when it detects motion or sound. The 120 degrees wide viewing angle and 4x digital pinch-to-zoom give it a versatile home security camera vision.

Watch your home, even in complete darkness, so that you know what is happening in the house with LEDs built in 24/7.

Despite its small size, it has all the features necessary to monitor your home. Onboard Wi-Fi provides extended wireless range and higher bandwidth while being compatible with older wireless devices – for 720p HD video streams on any device.

Built-in speed and voice recognition will automatically send alert notifications to your mobile device.

Nighttime monitoring is possible with the built-in infrared LED, which allows viewing up to 16 feet at night.

You can easily view your family, your home or office from anywhere using the mobile app from mydlink app and website.

You can easily access your camera using the My d-link mobile app and you can view and manage your camera.

You can control your home monitor immediately by turning on video recording manually.


  • Compact
  • Simple installation process
  • Capture images and sound well
  • Good and reliable software with rich features for setting speed control and other parameters
  • Can record pictures and videos on mobile phone
  • Can automatically record motion/noise triggered video on cloud


  • One can get the option to set the speed (noise triggered recording) not only on mobile but also on cloud (if there is such a feature, I have yet to find it!)
  • No SDCard support for recording
  • No speakers for voice communication available on some other models of cameras
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Beetel CC2 360 degree Wifi CCTV Camera

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Beetel is a well-known brand. This Beetle camera looks very attractive. The Beetle 2MP, a high-definition CC2 cloud camera, is perfect for day and night-light monitoring.

Beetel CC2 360 degree Wifi CCTV Camera

It provides you with a cloud storage and SD card (up to 128 GB). Now you are comfortable with automatic backup of video recording to a cloud server or SD card.

It can move 355 ° horizontally, and tilt 90 ° vertically via mobile controls and can have an automatic speed tracking feature.

Through the mobile app, you can easily get a real-time live view of your home or office. Ensure the safety of your home by manually triggering video recordings from anywhere.

With the help of its 2 way audio talkback, you can easily stay connected with your family members. It gives you a clearer and larger view with 2.0MP 1080p HD resolution.

Protect your CC2 cloud camera from wide-angle views that can pan or tilt according to your input.

The AI feature in the CC2 camera is capable of detecting any speed change in the live feed and instantly sends an emergency alert of any disturbance or suspicious activity to your app.

The built-in infrared LED is capable of efficient monitoring even at night. So whether its day or night, you can relax knowing that your home or office is monitored 24/7.


  • It has an Ethernet connection and can also be connected directly from the LAN to a router or monitoring device
  • It comes with SD card slot up to 128 GB storage where recordings can be stored
  • It comes with a 2MP camera that records 1080p FHD video with fairly good clarity, as well as can be zoomed with the app to see some details at a distance of a few meters
  • The biggest feature of this CC2 is its night vision
  • Instant detector camera
  • This camera and its footage can be accessed by many people, which is great if you exceed the viewer for a certain area


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D3D D8801 2MP WiFi CCTV Camera

Check Price at Amazon

D3 Security Group is a leading global provider of access control, intruder detection, video surveillance, and integrated security solutions for commercial and residential customers.

D3D D8801 2MP WiFi CCTV Camera

Over the past 15 years, D3D has emerged as a trusted brand in providing innovative security products and services in Europe, Canada, the United States, the Middle East, and Asia.

This 3D camera works with the latest Smart Artificial Intelligence. You can easily control the camera using Alexa Echo. Just need to give voice commands to Alexa.

You can control the camera using a mobile application or PC. You can easily control advanced 360 pans/tilt/zoom through the app.

In this, you get the option of two types of audio so that you can stay connected with your loved ones.

A microphone and speaker are designed for two-way communication between the camera and the speaker. You get a clear sound.

Supporting the unique 3D feature attaches additional WiFi plugs and switches for smart home automation.

You add additional security sensors such as door/window or motion sensors and turn your IP camera into a security system.

It has an inbuilt PIR sensor that captures moving objects and sends you an emergency alert on your mobile app in real-time. It is stored on all SD cards.

With the smart P2P and Wi-Fi ones, just install the mobile app and install the 3D camera. Simple for a table or universal mounting bracket included for sealing/wall hanging.

Multiple users can access the camera at the same time. For this, password protection has been provided for all users.

With inbuilt infrared 850 nm light, the 3D camera provides clear night vision at night up to a distance of 32 feet.


  • Night vision works properly
  • Images are clear during daytime
  • Good quality of pictures
  • Two-sided good thing


  • The reset button needs to be adjusted properly for its functioning
  • The user manual provided is too small
  • The SD card slot must contain a sign, from which the SD card should be inserted
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ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof CCTV Camera

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The ProElite is a high-performance camera available in the market. Which allows you to capture high-quality HD photos at 960p. This camera is perfect for outdoor locations. This the best outdoor CCTV camera.

ProElite POD04 PTZ WiFi Wireless HD Outdoor Waterproof CCTV Camera

It comes with excellent features. Its HD resolution is capable of clearly seeing the quality target. It can protect up to 260 ° horizontal pan and up to 60 ° inclination.

You can easily connect to it with a one-key WiFi configuration setup. With the help of mobile, it is set to WiFi within 5 minutes.

While away from home, you can watch live video from your iPhone, Android mobile, or tablet.

It comes with night vision. IR LED built-in ICRs to provide good night vision and recording in complete darkness.

Talking about storage and zoom, you can use a micro SD card up to 128GB to record and playback videos.

You can watch videos recorded on the SD card through the app; On mobile or PC.

Not only this, you can download videos from any corner of the world to the PC without removing the SD card from the camera.

In this, you get 4X optical zoom with the help of which you can see distant objects crystal clear.

This camera works with a 2.4Ghz WiFi router, WiFi dongle.


  • The product looks good and menacing
  • Wifi signal capture is very good
  • Microphone audio capture is very good
  • Ptz range is sufficient and as described
  • Dust and water safety is quite reasonable
  • Separate LAN port is provided, which is good if Wi-Fi does not work or can be used for configuration or for better network stability


  • The camera presents idle SD card over a period of time
  • It does not connect fast to the camera
  • It does not capture or replay camera audio properly through the camera
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CCTV Camera – Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best CCTV camera for home?

A home security camera is an important investment to protect your home. This helps protect your home from theft. Everyone is concerned about the safety of their home. For this, it is advisable to invest in CCTV cameras.

Here is a list of the best CCTV camera in India for your home security.

  1. Mi 360° 1080p Full HD WiFi Smart CCTV Camera for Home
  2. CP Plus 1.3 MP Dome CCTV Camera for Home
  3. Hikvision DS-2CE1AC0T-IRPF Turbo HD CCTV Camera for Home
  4. Advik 2MP IP Bullet Poe CCTV Camera For Home, Shop, Office
  5. VIPECO F22 1080P Wireless IP CCTV Camera for Home
  6. Godrej Security Solutions Seethru 1 MP HD 720P Dome IR CCTV Camera for Home
  7. D3D 2MP Alexa WiFi Wireless IP CCTV Camera for Home
  8. Mi Full HD WiFi Smart CCTV Camera for Home

Which CCTV camera is best for night vision?

The security of your commercial or personal property is extremely important. You need a good security system to ensure its day and night monitoring. For this, you need to choose the best CCTV camera.

Here is the list of night vision CCTV cameras, you can choose from it.

  1. Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P Full HD Night Vision Outdoor Bullet CCTV Camera
  2. Advik 2MP IP Bullet Poe Night Vision CCTV Camera
  3. XMATE Zoom 2MP Outdoor Waterproof Night Vision CCTV Camera
  4. CP Plus SRPL 2.4 MP Guard Day and Night FHD 1080P IR Bullet Night Vision CCTV Camera
  5. CP Plus CP-USC-TA24L2 2.4 MP 1080p IR Night Vision Bullet CCTV Camera
  6. iBall 1080p 2.0 MP IR Night Vision Bullet CCTV Camera
  7. Hikvision HD Night Vision Bullet CCTV Camera
  8. D3D WiFi Wireless Outdoor Night Vision CCTV Camera

Which is the best CCTV camera for office?

It is worth investing to strengthen the security system for the office. But where to invest in it.

Here is the list of best CCTV cameras to strengthen your office security system from which you can choose.

  1. Arlo Q-1080p HD CCTV Camera for Office
  2. Zmodo Smart Wireless CCTV Camera for Office
  3. EZVIZ CRISPR Triple HD 3MP CCTV Camera for Office
  4. VIPECO Wireless WiFi IP HD Bullet CCTV Camera for Office
  5. Hikvision DS-2CE1AD0T-IRP 2MP 1080P FHD Bullet CCTV camera for Office

What are the best CCTV camera brands in India?

Everyone is concerned about the safety of their home, office and shop. The dog cradle is now out of date for safety.

Now technology has replaced them. CCTV can be a good investment for your security system.

There is a huge range of CCTV cameras available in the market. There are a lot of brands in the Indian market that hold their own in the market.

Here we will discuss the best brands of CCTV camera in India.

Here is the list of best CCTV camera brands in India.

  1. Hikvision – World No. 1 CCTV Brand
  2. Dahua – World No. 2 CCTV Brand
  3. CP Plus
  4. Panasonic
  5. Bosch
  6. Vstarcam – Best IP Camera for domestic consumption
  7. Samsung
  8. ProElite
  9. Godrej
  10. Sricam

What to look for when buying a CCTV Camera?

There are some things to keep in mind while buying CCTV cameras.

  1. First of all, you need to know about the features of the camera
  2. camera lens
  3. How is the camera focus
  4. If you want to put the camera out, how is it waterproof and quality?
  5. Image quality in night vision mode

How do we know what to use indoor and outdoor?

When you want to buy a CCTV camera, you definitely have two options indoor and outdoor. Now how do you know which camera is right for indoor and which outdoor?

For this, you have to choose the first place. For example, if you want to keep the camera out, your camera must be strong and withstand all weather conditions.

If you want to keep it indoors, you have to make sure that it is not affected by oil or steam from the kitchen.

What is the best CCTV camera in India?

The CCTV camera is a long-term investment in security systems. A camera with the right and best features can strengthen your security system. CCTV cameras are one of the adequate resources to protect your home, office, and shop.

Based on a lot of research and customer reviews, I have compiled a list of the best CCTV camera in India.

On the link here, you will find the list of best CCTV camera in India.

What are CCTV cameras?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) is also known as video surveillance. Video cameras are used to transmit signals to a specific location. It differs from broadcast television.

In this the signal is not openly transmitted. It can employ point-to-point (P2P), point-to-multipoint (P2MP), or mesh wired or wireless links.

These cameras are used for surveillance which requires surveillance in banks, shops and other areas where security is required. Surveillance of the general public using these cameras is common worldwide.

The CCTV camera was discovered in June 1927 by Russian physicist Leon Theremin (cf. television in the Soviet Union). It was an early mechanical CCTV system.

How much does it cost to install CCTV cameras?

CCTV cameras in India are available in various types and prices. The average cost of installing CCTV in India is Rs. 12000.

It may vary from one city to another. The installation of Dome Camera is Rs 800-4200.

The CCTV camera is usually between 7500 to 25,000 rupees depending on the type, brand, quality, and quantity of CCTV cameras depending on your needs and budget.

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