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Ceo & Founder at DigitalNet99

Hey there, I’m Sumit Saini, the blogger/author behind this website and I am a freelance Product Reviewer. Thank you for checking out my About page.

I did my B.Tech in 2013 in Electronics & Communication. I have worked in telecom after 2013 till 2019, but I did not like it, then I quit the job.
I noticed that whenever we buy anything, we choose the wrong product due to a lack of information. Then I also thought that why should I also create a website from where I can help others like me. In choosing a good and economical product.

So that people can reach good and right products according to their needs. Then I created this website and launched it on 8 September 2019.

Our product review service provides dynamic options that help the user choose the best product for themselves. All products are closely studied and then reviewed.

Before choosing any product, it is very important to know about it so that we know which product we are buying. My aim is to convey the right information to my readers.

I try to give the right information to my readers and people who want to buy some products related to Home Appliances or Kitchen Appliances or Gadgets or Laptops. I will review more things in the coming times.

I gather information about the products myself, then I review that product. My and my website aim to reach the right information to the people.

Now if you want to spend a little or a lot for your next purchase, don’t waste a single penny of that money! Read the article on the website to equip yourself with the right information and make informed decisions.

Hope you find my reviews helpful.

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