Best Refrigerator under 15000 – Comprehensive Review In India 2021

Are you looking for the best refrigerator under 15000? I will help you with this. I have prepared a list of the best refrigerators under 15000 in India 2021.

In this list, I have kept refrigerators with a capacity of 170L to 200L. Which is suitable for 2-4 family members.

Refrigerators are used for the storage of foods and beverages. So that we can keep them cool and fresh for a long time. I have tried to put before you a list of the best refrigerators that fit your budget as well as being energy efficient.

I have tried to include reputable brands like Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier, Godrej and LG on this list. All these brands offer a good range of refrigerators which are also very advanced in terms of technology.

All these brands provide excellent cooling (you can see the refrigerant gas used for cooling) and most of these refrigerators come with an inbuilt stabilizer. So you do not need to worry about voltage fluctuations.

Refrigerators in this category get you with a 3–4-star rating. Which consumes 200–300 power units per year.

The refrigerator is available between 11000 to 15000 here. I have tried to include these in the best refrigerators under 15000. But online prices keep decreasing or increasing, so it is possible that the price of some refrigerators may go up to 15000.

I request you. Check the new offer and price by clicking the link provided for your favorite refrigerator.

So let’s have a look at the best refrigerators under 15000. At the end of this article, we have listed our favorite refrigerators.

Recommended: At the last in the article, you will find my favorite refrigerator under 15000. This will help you to find the best refrigerator under 15000.

Here is the list of the best refrigerator under 15000 in India 2021.

Top 8 Best Refrigerator Under 15000 In India 2021

Whirlpool 190L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

Check Price at Amazon

Whirlpool is one of the best brands in refrigerators for the past few decades. You will notice that even in refrigerators priced below 13,000, the Whirlpool offers good build quality and also comes with good features. Let’s talk about these.

The Whirlpool refrigerator comes with “WDE Gray”, a 190L capacity and a 3-star BEE energy rating. There is a lot of space for storage of fruits and vegetables.

It has a strong recessed handle and features unique features like 2 shelves (wire), ice trays, large freezers, and large crispers.

Its advanced insulated capillary technology helps maintain the temperature inside the fridge for up to 9 hours cold even after a power cut.

It comes with an inbuilt stabilizer that works better within 130V-300v fluctuations.

Its jumbo bottle rack allows 3 bottles of 2L to be easily placed. The defrosting mechanism of the refrigerator provides effective cooling.

This fridge is excellent in cooling, quality, and power efficiency, the Whirlpool fridge is a best seller and highly rated by thousands of Amazon users. It is definitely one of the best refrigerators ranging from 10000 to 15000.

  • Fit in budget
  • Best cooling
  • Energy efficient
  • Solid-body
  • More space inside
  • It is easy to clean
  • Average Looks

Haier 190L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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Haier’s refrigerator is an ideal refrigerator in 190L, Its 190L capacity is perfect for bachelors. It is quite popular on Amazon. Many customers are very happy about this product. Haier is one of the popular international brands. This is the best refrigerator under 15000.

Its diamond edge freezing technology helps maintain better cooling efficiency inside the refrigerator and also ensures that ice buildup remains stable.

Haier offers an inbuilt stabilizer in its refrigerator. Its heavy-duty compressors provide greater efficiency to the fridge.

The fridge provides more space for storing fruits, vegetables, processed foods, drinks, dairy products and more.

The 3-star rating makes this refrigerator energy efficient which means that the refrigerator saves electricity and you can save up to Rs 3600 by saving electricity in this way.

Its design is excellent. Its smart and classic design provides powerful performance and efficient cooling.

The cabinet of the Haier Refrigerator is made of leather finish which protects it from scratches and gives it a premium look.

This refrigerator is available at a very affordable price on Amazon.

  • Affordable price
  • 3-Star rating
  • The fridge gives a premium look
  • Compressors comes with a 5-year warranty
  • Manual defrosting is required

Haier 195L 3-Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator

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Haier is a top leading brand in home appliances. Haier 195L refrigerator is an excellent refrigerator under 15000. This is a very suitable fridge for a small family.

It is a 3-star rating refrigerator that saves electricity and saves you lots of electricity. In this category, it is an excellent refrigerator with a 3-star rating.

This fridge comes with 1 HIT (Hour Icing Technology) technology. This means that you do not need to wait long for the ice. Its heavy-duty PUF insulation keeps cooling inside the fridge, which takes only one hour to produce ice in the freezer.

Its heavy-duty compressor is energy-efficient so that you do not need to take a stabilizer separately. It works at 135-290 volts, so you don’t need to panic during voltage fluctuate, your fridge will be safe.

It is very easy to clean with the help of cloth and detergent. Haier uses environmentally friendly gas in its refrigerator. R-600a refrigerant gas makes this fridge environment-friendly. This reduces the chances of ozone depletion and does not contribute to global warming.

It has a defrost button that helps defrost the ice that is stored in the freezer. Below this is a tray that stores water when the freezer defrosts and you can also keep the food items that you want to freeze.

  • 10-year warranty on compressor
  • Toughened glass keep heavy objects
  • Decent build quality
  • 1 Hour Icing Technology

    Samsung 192L 2-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    Check Price at Amazon

    Everyone is well aware of the Samsung brand. It is one of the top brands in home appliances. This Samsung refrigerator is the best product in the range of 10000 to 12000.

    It is getting 25% off on Amazon. But this discount keeps decreasing or increasing according to Amazon policy.

    The Samsung 192L 2-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator features a stylish design with a crown door design, bar chrome handle, and clean back.

    This 192L is perfect for a small family. Its stabilizer free operation means that it works very fast and strong and is ready for any voltage fluctuations. This protects your fridge from any damage or reduction when the voltage fluctuates.

    The safety gasket helps keep the liner clean and prevents fungi and bacteria from forming inside the refrigerator. The environment inside the fridge is clean.

    It is a 2-star rated fridge. The back of the fridge is very easy to clean. The rear back comes with fully smooth protection and cables. Which can be cleaned easily.

    In this fridge, you can store large containers of milk and juice in the door with two rows of beverage cans and bottles. It has plenty of room to cool long drink bottles without guards.

    This fridge is designed to safely hold up to 150% weight. In this, you can keep the dishes cool and fresh in big vegetables or heavy dishes.

    Bring home this new Samsung fridge and enjoy it. This Samsung refrigerator has everything you need.

    • 192L capacity is good for small families
    • Toughened glass is shelf type
    • It is a free-standing single door refrigerator
    • 10-year compressor warranty available
    • The refrigerator’s outer body heats up quickly

    Godrej 190L 3-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    Check Price at Amazon

    Godrej is one of the top leading brands in India. Godrej takes care of its features and quality in its products. Godrej Fridge can be a good refrigerator if you want to get an Indian brand. Godrej’s first refrigerator was manufactured in India in 1958.

    Godrej has one of the widest service networks. It has 660 service centers and 4500 SmartBuddy technicians in Pan-India.

    This Godrej refrigerator is available on Amazon in the 12000 range. The 190L capacity is great for a small family. It has a common compressor that maintains a constant temperature in the fridge, keeping food fresh for longer.

    There is the largest space to store vegetables in this fridge, in which you can keep your vegetables and fruits very easily.

    It has an anti-bacterial removable gasket that helps keep bacteria and germs away from your food and keeps your food fresh.

    It has plenty of space for storing a 2.25-liter bottle, so you don’t have to worry about keeping your bottle.

    It has an inbuilt voltage stabilizer that protects your refrigerator from any loss or damage during voltage fluctuations.

    This 3-star refrigerator can be a good deal in this range. So make it a part of your house today.

    • Perfect design fit your kitchen
    • Able to save electricity
    • The compressor comes with a 10-year warranty
    • It has a lot of space for storing vegetables and large bottles
    • You can’t keep food fresh for long

    Samsung 192L 3-Star Inverter Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    Check Price at Amazon

    As you all know, Samsung Electronics is a very big company making products. If you are looking for a good and affordable fridge under 15000 then you can choose this refrigerator.

    This 192L capacity refrigerator is perfect for 2 to 3 members.

    The Samsung 192L refrigerator design is a stylish design, it is a new grand door design. This fridge comes with inverter compressor technology which can run it on the inverter of your home when the electricity goes out so that the coolness of your fridge is maintained.

    Its digital inverter technology automatically adjusts the speed of compressors in response to cooling demand at 7 levels. This consumes less energy and reduces noise.

    Its wedge box provides you with a convenient place to store fresh vegetables and fruits. It is a large wedge box that keeps your vegetables and fruits fresh.

    Its 3-star rating will definitely attract you to buy a fridge. The 3-star rating means that this refrigerator is an energy-efficient refrigerator that will save you a lot of power. At this price, this 3-star Samsung rating fridge can be an affordable deal.

    The new Direct Cool range of the fridge is efficient in maintaining the temperature balance inside the fridge, which helps keep your vegetables and fruits fresh for up to 15 days.

    This refrigerator can run on the electricity generated by the solar panel. It can operate at a voltage of 100V-300V.

    • This is an energy-efficient refrigerator
    • Its stylish design gives it a premium look
    • It has digital inverter compressor technology which is energy-efficient and reduces noise
    • It comes with a 10-year compressor warranty
    • The material used in the interior is nothing special

    LG 190L 3-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    Check Price at Amazon

    LG is a South Korean company that has established a distinct identity in the Indian market. This LG refrigerator is perfect for your budget. It can become a great product in the 13000 range.

    It is a 3-star refrigerator that reduces power consumption and saves electricity. LG’s new range comes with Smart Inverter Compressor Technology. It is an energy-efficient compressor.

    LG Direct Cool Refrigerator has the fastest ice-making technology, which makes ice fast in just 108 minutes.

    It’s Smart Connect technology helps connect your refrigerator to a home inverter during a power outage. This prevents food stored in your refrigerator from being spoiled for a long time.

    This LG direct-cool refrigerator can operate in a voltage range of 90 to 310 V. This means that this fridge can work even without a stabilizer.

    This 190L capacity is perfect for a small family. It has a lattice-type box cover, which maintains moisture at an optimum level. When moisture from stored food evaporates, it condenses on the same lattice.

    • Great saving
    • High efficiency
    • More durable
    • Budget-friendly
    • Smart inverter compressor technology
    • Best quality
    • No negative points have seen yet about the product

    Whirlpool 200L 3-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    Check Price at Amazon

    This Whirlpool refrigerator is a 3-star rated refrigerator. Which reduces power consumption and helps in saving your electricity money. This Whirlpool refrigerator comes with an attractive design.

    This Whirlpool refrigerator is a best refrigerator under 15000. Its biggest feature is that this fridge stays cold for 12 hours during power cuts.

    In its insulated capillary technology, the pipe carrying refrigerant gas from the compressor to the freezer is completely surrounded by super cold gas.

    Due to its superior compressor efficiency, rapid cooling during power cuts and freezing remains inside the refrigerator for up to 12 hours.

    The Whirlpool 200L Refrigerator has an easy, accessible, and sturdy chiller tray to slide into which you can correctly store quick-access items such as dairy products, bottles, and more.

    The Whirlpool 200L refrigerator easily connects to your home inverter. So that fruits, vegetables, and food can remain fresh for a long time.

    Its easy defrosting mechanism ensures hassle-free use of the refrigerator with effective cooling at the press of a button.

    The 200L capacity is perfect for a small family. This is a good deal. Whirlpool’s refrigerator is excellent in this range.

    • Excellent design
    • Budget-friendly fridge
    • This is an energy-efficient fridge
    • Up to 12 hours of cooling retention even during the power cut
    • It comes with a 10-year compressor warranty
    • No negative points have seen yet about the product

    Refrigerator Working

    The refrigerator has not only simplified our lives but has become a product that is now a part of our home. But do you know how the refrigerator works?

    Let me help you to know this.

    It consists of a compressor that compresses refrigerant gas and maintains the flow of refrigerant throughout the refrigerator. An important device in this is the condenser, which exits the compressor in the form of high pressure and high-temperature refrigerant vapor, cooled and converted into liquid form.

    The main function of the expansion valve is to reduce the pressure and temperature of the high-pressure refrigerant gas coming from below.

    This gas then moves into the evaporator. Evaporative work converts low pressure cold gas into vapor. It starts drawing heat from any material inside it and it turns into heat vapor and the vapor is sent back into the compressor.

    Here is the reference video for an easy understanding of the working of the refrigerator from the Learn Engineering YouTube channel.

    Refrigerator FAQ

    Which is the best refrigerator under 15000?

    I have prepared a list of the best refrigerator under 15000. From which you can choose the best refrigerator for you.

    If you still can’t find it, you can choose Whirlpool’s 200L capacity 3-star rating direct-cool single door refrigerator or you can bring a Samsung 192L 3-star inverter direct-cool single door refrigerator.

    Which is the best single door refrigerator?

    Here is the complete list of single door refrigerators, but if you are still unable to choose the refrigerators for yourself, then you can choose the best single door refrigerators from the options given below.

    Here is the list of the best single door refrigerator

    Which company is best for the refrigerator in India?

    If you want to go with an Indian company, Whirlpool and Godrej are the top leading brands in refrigerators. These are both Indian companies.

    Best Refrigerator Brand in India

    • LG Refrigerator
    • Samsung Refrigerator
    • Haier Refrigerator
    • BPL Refrigerator

    Which is the best refrigerator under 12000 to buy online?

    You do not have many options available under 12000 but here is a list of some of the best refrigerators which are the best refrigerators under 12000 which you can buy from Amazon. These are the highest-selling refrigerators of Amazon. You can choose from this list below.

    Here is the list of the best refrigerator under 12000

    Which is the best refrigerator to buy for under Rs 25,000 in India?

    Plenty of refrigerator options are available under 25000. Here is the list of Amazon’s best-selling refrigerators, which are very good and energy-efficient refrigerators. You can choose the best fridge for you.

    Here is the list of the best refrigerator under 25,000

    Can I buy at least 180L fridge below 10000? Is this range available?

    You do not have many options under 10000. But a Haier refrigerator is available in this range.

    Haier 181L 3-Star Direct-Cool Single Door Refrigerator

    What is the most common refrigerator size?

    The size of professional-grade refrigerators varies depending on their layout top mount, side by side, etc. Standard sizes are 30 to 36 inches, width 67 to 70 inches, and depth 29 to 35 inches.

    What should I look for when buying a refrigerator?

    There are a few things that we need to pay attention to when buying a refrigerator. First of all, you have to decide what kind of fridge you want such as a side-by-side, bottom-freezer, or top-freezer model.

    Refrigerator Size If your family is small, then you should choose a low capacity refrigerator such as a 175L to 195L refrigerator is the appropriate choice. Also, check the facilities available in the fridge.

    Which refrigerators are most energy-efficient?

    There are many refrigerators that are energy efficient. Refrigerators ranging from 3-star BEE rating to 5-star BEE rating are very energy efficient. All the fridges offered here are energy efficient. And you can also see this article –Best Refrigerator in India

    Which refrigerator brand is most reliable?

    According to me, Whirlpool is one of the top reliable brands. In second place is Samsung.

    Therefore it was a list of the best refrigerator under 15000. I hope this helps you in choosing the right refrigerators. But if you are still unable to understand which fridge to take. So you can see my favorite list.

    My Favorite Refrigerator Under 15000

    The first name on my favorite list is Haier 195L 3-Star Refrigerator. It is a 3-star rated refrigerator in the 15000 range which is energy-efficient and its 195L capacity is perfect for a small family. It also has a 10-year warranty on the compressor.

    Find the link to buy it: Buy Haier 195L 3-Star Fridge from Amazon

    My second favorite fridge is Samsung’s 192L 3-Star Inverter Refrigerator. It is an inverter compressor technology fridge. It is difficult to find a 3-star rated refrigerator with inverter technology at such a cheap price.

    Find the link to buy it: Buy Samsung 192L 3-Star Inverter Fridge from Amazon

    My third favorite fridge is Whirlpool’s 200L 3-Star rated fridge. Whirlpool is an Indian brand and its service is also excellent.

    Find the link to buy it: Buy Whirlpool 200L 3-Star Fridge from Amazon

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